January 16, 2021
Introducing AgentGuild: The productivity and digital marketing resource for real estate agents

What is AgentGuild and how can it help your real estate career?

It’s time for the much-awaited announcement: the launch of the AgentGuild website!

The site is developed with one aim in mind: re-define the way REALTORS® and real estate professionals go about their business by leveraging innovative digital marketing tools.

The Idea Behind AgentGuild

A well-known name in the REALTORS® community, Amanda, the founder of AgentGuild already has several credits to her name. 

From being named the new member of the year of Women’s Council of REALTORS® (WCR) to becoming its Director of Programs in the following year, she is continuing to set the bar higher.

Her familiarization with social media and her marketing expertise played a vital role in her journey; one she hoped to share with her fellow REALTORS®.

Hence, the formation of AgentGuild.

What is AgentGuild?

Digital platforms have changed the way businesses are carried out and Amanda believes it’s about time the real estate industry also jumped on the bandwagon.

AgentGuild forms an online community of REALTORS®, real estate agents, and real estate professionals through a membership system and provides them the opportunity to take the digital route to marketing their business.

Through the aesthetic, highly responsive, user-friendly AgentGuild site, its members can access a number of social media post designs, posts, guides. 

The content can be downloaded and customized according to real estate agents’ requirements.

These tools help effortlessly plan, streamline, and execute the real estate marketing campaigns on multiple social media platforms. 

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The REALTOR® Coach and Support

AgentGuild offers a wide range of functionality apart from its digital marketing services. It is designed to help real estate professionals organize and schedule their tasks with multiple resources at their disposal.

To even further enhance the effectiveness of the website, AgentGuild plans to start a comprehensive digital library loaded with videos, courses, and texts. 

For those stepping foot into the real estate business, it is an excellent opportunity to seamlessly navigate the initial hurdles and find their way in the industry.

Moreover, taking it a notch further, AgentGuild will soon incorporate web-design, email marketing, and social media tools amongst other things.

The website acts like an assistant and a mentor boosting REALTORS® productivity and helping them close more deals. 

The Larger REALTOR® Community

Amanda found a supportive group that proved to be a significant helping hand in progressing her career. Not only did she learn from her peers but she also mentored her juniors in the field.

With AgentGuild, she plans to expand this community of REALTORS® across the US and build a network of referrals and opportunities.

REALTORS® from all parts of the country will be able to connect, share ideas, and create a channel of learning by becoming members of the website.

Access to high-quality information and knowledge among REALTORS® has never been so easy.

Get immediate access to our community, done-for-you social media marketing, editable marketing,  productivity resources, &  more.

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What is AgentGuild and how can it help your real estate career?

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